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Empowering US Fathers: A Non-Profit Initiative

Empowering US Fathers: A Non-Profit Initiative
At Good Dad Act, We're Making a Difference!

Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for families across Florida and beyond. We are proud to support the Good Dads Act Committee, a dedicated standing committee of the New Biscayne Gardens Chamber of Commerce Inc., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Your generous contributions will play a vital role in effecting positive change in the lives of countless fathers and children.

Our primary goal is to advocate for the rights of biological fathers and ensure that they have the opportunity to be active and engaged parents in their children's lives. The current legal framework in Florida presents challenges for unwed fathers who want to establish and protect their parental rights. We believe that every father should have an equal footing with the mother when it comes to parenting their children.

The Good Dad Act, introduced as Bill #775 in the Florida Legislature, is a landmark piece of legislation that aims to rectify this issue. It has received bipartisan support and has been hailed as a significant step towards fostering strong parent-child relationships. This law empowers unwed fathers to take on shared parental responsibility without the need for lengthy legal battles. Dr. Bernard Wh Jennings, a father and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, spearheaded this initiative, turning his personal experience into a solution for fathers across the state.

But our vision doesn't stop at state lines. We aspire to see similar legislation enacted in every corner of the United States, ensuring that children everywhere have the opportunity to experience the love and support of their natural fathers. Together, we can bring about positive change, empowering fathers to be active participants in their children's lives. Call (786) 529-0014 for more information!