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AMZ Publishers House Announced The Release of “Ethan’s Good Dad Act” Book

AMZ Publishers House Announced The Release of “Ethan’s Good Dad Act” Book
Posted on March 21st, 2024

AMZ Publishers House is thrilled to announce a landmark publication that promises to illuminate the struggles and triumphs of unwed fathers across the nation. 

"Ethan's Good Dad Act: One father's quest to turn his lemons into lemonade so that all good Dads can take a sip," authored by the esteemed Dr. hc Bernard Wh Jennings, serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action for parental responsibility after the determination of paternity and the unwed fathers' rights movement. 

This book is not just a personal narrative; it's a catalyst for a nationwide movement towards family law reform. Through the harrowing journey of Dr. Jennings to reconnect with his son Ethan, readers are given a front-row seat to the challenges faced by fathers navigating the family court system. 

The story goes beyond personal struggle, highlighting the legislative triumphs and the collective push for positive change. With the "Good Dad Act" as its cornerstone, the book aims to inspire, educate, and mobilize a community of advocates for father's rights activism. 

For those moved by the cause and looking to be part of a transformative wave, the opportunity to join the Good Dad Act Committee beckons. 

"Ethan's Good Dad Act" is more than a book; it's a lifeline for fathers feeling sidelined and a roadmap for those determined to forge stronger bonds with their children.

The Story Behind "Ethan's Good Dad Act"

The journey of Dr. Bernard Wh Jennings is a testament to the power of resilience and the unyielding love of a father for his child. Facing a legal system that often leaves unwed fathers at a disadvantage, Dr. Jennings' battle to maintain a relationship with his son Ethan sheds light on the broader issues of child custody rights and the need for family court reform.

The Personal Fight for Fatherhood

In an emotional recount of his personal struggle, Dr. Jennings opens up about the moment he realized his son Ethan was taken away by his mother without consent or prior knowledge. 

This turning point sparked a fierce battle not only for his child but for unwed fathers everywhere who are fighting for their right to be a part of their children's lives. Dr. Jennings' story is a poignant reminder of the gaps in our legal system when it comes to parental responsibility after the determination of paternity.

Legislative Milestones and the Path Forward

Dr. Jennings' advocacy didn't stop at personal grievances; it propelled him to spearhead a legislative campaign that led to the historic passing of the "Parental Responsibility After the Determination of Paternity" bill. 

Known affectionately as "Ethan's Good Dad Act," this piece of legislation represents a monumental step forward in recognizing and safeguarding the rights of unwed fathers. 

The book explores the strategic challenges and victories along the way, providing a blueprint for similar legal advocacy efforts nationwide.

This introduction and first section lay the groundwork for a deeper exploration of the themes and issues at the heart of "Ethan's Good Dad Act" and the broader movement it represents.

The Nationwide Movement and the Good Dad Act Committee

The ripple effect of Dr. Jennings' personal story and legislative success story has transcended state lines, sparking a nationwide movement dedicated to family law reform and father's rights activism. 

"Ethan's Good Dad Act" is more than a singular legislative victory; it symbolizes the dawn of a new era in the family court system, where the rights of unwed fathers are recognized and respected. The formation of the Good Dad Act Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Jennings, marks a pivotal moment in this journey towards achieving widespread legal and societal change.

Expanding the Movement Beyond State Borders

Dr. Jennings’ advocacy efforts and the success of Ethan’s Good Dad Act in Florida have served as a beacon for similar movements across the United States. 

The Good Dad Act Committee, leveraging the momentum generated by their victory in Florida, has initiated campaigns in over a dozen states, aiming to introduce and pass legislation that mirrors the parental responsibility and unwed fathers' rights ethos of Ethan's Good Dad Act. 

These efforts have not only mobilized a network of volunteers and activists but also caught the attention of policymakers and legal professionals nationwide, who see the value in reforming outdated custody and visitation laws. This section of the narrative is a rallying cry for all those who believe in the cause, illustrating how a single state's triumph can catalyze a nationwide call for action.

A Community of Support and Advocacy

At the heart of the Good Dad Act Committee's mission is the creation of a supportive community that empowers fathers to fight for their rights and maintain meaningful relationships with their children. 

This community extends beyond legal advocacy, offering emotional support, resources, and education to fathers navigating the complexities of the family court challenges. 

Through seminars, workshops, and direct legal assistance, the Good Dad Act Committee provides unwed fathers with the tools they need to understand their legal rights and effectively advocate for themselves and their children. Dr. Jennings emphasizes the importance of solidarity and collective action, inviting fathers from all walks of life to join the Good Dad Act Committee and contribute to the growing movement for family court reform and father's rights activism.

The impact of "Ethan's Good Dad Act" and the subsequent formation of the Good Dad Act Committee underscore a pivotal shift in the dialogue surrounding fatherhood and legal rights in the United States. By highlighting these efforts, the book not only shares a story of personal perseverance and legislative victory but also serves as a call to action for individuals and communities to join the movement for positive change.

Join the Good Dad Act Committee: Empowering Fathers Everywhere

The establishment of the Good Dad Act Committee represents not just a support group but a movement dedicated to empowering fathers across the nation to advocate for their rights and maintain strong relationships with their children. 

This committee is a testament to the belief that every father deserves the opportunity to be involved in their child's life, regardless of their marital status or the complexities of the family court system. By offering resources, legal advice, and a community of support, the Good Dad Act Committee is breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive and fair landscape for fatherhood.

Access to Expert Legal Advice and Resources

One of the most significant barriers unwed fathers face is navigating the legal system without the necessary knowledge or resources. 

The Good Dad Act Committee addresses this challenge head-on by providing its members with access to expert legal advice from attorneys who specialize in father's rights and family law. This invaluable resource offers clarity and guidance on issues such as child custody rights, visitation, and how to navigate the family court challenges effectively. 

Members benefit from personalized advice that can make a significant difference in their legal journeys, turning daunting obstacles into manageable steps toward achieving their goals of being present and active fathers.

Building a Supportive Community of Fathers

Beyond legal assistance, the Good Dad Act Committee fosters a supportive community where fathers can share experiences, offer encouragement, and learn from one another. 

The weekly 8 p.m. Good Dad Act Committee Meeting is more than just a gathering; it's a lifeline for many fathers feeling isolated by their circumstances. These meetings, held live online via platforms like Google Meet, allow members to connect with peers and guest speakers, including judges and family law experts, who provide insights and advice on dealing with the family court system. 

This sense of community is vital, as it not only helps fathers feel understood and supported but also strengthens the collective voice advocating for father's rights activism and family law reform.

The Good Dad Act Committee's work is a beacon of hope for fathers everywhere, offering a path to empowerment through education, legal support, and community solidarity. Joining the committee is an opportunity to be part of a movement that is not just about individual battles in the courtroom but about changing the narrative around fatherhood and legal rights on a national scale. It's about creating a future where the family court system supports and recognizes the vital role fathers play in their children's lives.


As we turn the page on "Ethan's Good Dad Act" and reflect on the powerful journey of Dr. Bernard Wh Jennings, it's clear that the path to family law reform and the recognition of unwed fathers' rights is both challenging and rewarding. 

The establishment of the Good Dad Act Committee and the nationwide movement it has sparked underscore the importance of community, legal advocacy, and persistent effort in striving for a fairer family court system. This narrative is not just Dr. Jennings' story; it's the story of countless fathers across the country seeking to build stronger relationships with their children. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. 

Whether you're a father navigating the complexities of the family court system or an ally committed to promoting positive change, your voice matters. Explore our services and learn more about how you can contribute to the movement for father's rights and family law reform. 

Reach out or get in touch with us at (786) 529-0014 or via email at [email protected].  

Together, we can continue to make strides towards a more equitable and just future for all fathers and their children.

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